Who am I?

This site is run by Eric Guido. I come from an Italian background, but have been born and raised in Toronto. I am a grade 9 STEM student at Chaminade College School. I have many interests such as gaming, music, movies, sports, math, science, and collecting. You will find out more about these interests through posts on my blog. I aspire to be in the field of engineering  for my future career, as I enjoy math and sciences.


All the way from kindergarten to grade 8, I attended St. Martha Catholic School. I graduated with honour roll and the math award. I am currently attending Chaminade College School in the STEM program. The STEM program helps me show my potential as a student by providing more challenging and demanding work than academic level courses. Although I am still not sure of my post secondary school plans, I am currently interested in engineering.

Hobbies and Interests

I have many hobbies that take up my free time, with some being much more prominent than others. Gaming is something that has been very important to me for my entire life. Video games have taken me on huge adventures full of emotional stories to messing around with friends, there is a game for everyone, and through my experience I have come to appreciate video games as an art form. Some of my favourite video games are: The Legend of Zelda, Fallout, Overwatch, Metal Gear Solid, Persona, Pokemon, and many others. I am also a tenor saxophonist in the school band with almost 4 years of experience. Being in the senior band has challenged me and caused me to see a very fast rate of improvement over the semester, compared to the rest of my years in elementary school. I have also been a casual collector of action figures and other collectibles over the past few years.