The Beauty of a Second

Recently in my grade 9 STEM English course, we read the novel “Of Mice and Men”. The novel featured many themes, such as racism, dreams, family, and friendship. As our major assignment for the unit, we were put into groups to create a one minute video of a series of one second clips or images. Each group was given a specific theme, and our group’s theme was racism. For the video we decided to focus on a few major themes of racism, The Ku Klux Klan, segregation, Civil Rights Movement, and police brutality. Although i was aware of racism issues, both past and present, the research of this assignment really opened my eyes to the horror of racism. This assignment also shows how a second is worth much more than we feel it is. In only one second, a plethora of information and emotions can be conveyed. Everything we see in life is powerful and can change us, even just one image.

Below is the video assignment, uploaded to YouTube.

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